A Guide to Sending/Choosing Funeral Flowers

When Should I Send Funeral/Sympathy Flowers?

For sending funeral/sympathy flowers, you should start selecting your flowers once you have heard about news of the passing. However, we recommend that you first check with the grieving family if sending flowers is welcomed at the venue. Other than that, check also with the family on the date, time and location of the memorial service. We understand that sending your thoughts and support in a timely manner is important during such trying times. As such, we also offer delivery services so that your heartfelt condolences are always delivered on time.

Choosing Sympathy/Funeral Flowers Guide

Sending funeral flower arrangements is an appropriate way of paying your final respects to the departed. These respectful gifts make for a fitting tribute to celebrate the life and memories of a lost loved one. While there are many funeral flower arrangements to choose from, let us provide you with a guide on the types of flowers to choose, and also the types of arrangements that are available.

Types of Sympathy Flowers


Signifying the soul of the departed, lilies are often the traditional sympathy flower. These flowers also usually come in white, which makes them appropriate. White represents purity and it is a good choice for sending to a religious service as well.


Carnations are also commonly selected as sympathy flowers. This can be attributed to its long-lasting nature, making them suitable for services that last for a few days. Carnations come in different colours and the most frequently selected one is definitely white, which stands for purity and innocence. Pink carnations also help to convey thoughts of remembrance to the departed as well.


Commonly found especially in Asian countries, the chrysanthemum is a popular sympathy flower. White chrysanthemums are used in Asian culture to symbolize grief, and thus they are a respectful selection as a sympathy flower.

Types of Sympathy Flower Arrangements

Standing Wreath

Wreaths are a symbol of eternal life and are thus one of the more commonly chosen sympathy flower arrangements. As a result, funeral wreath arrangements are a commonplace at most funeral services. Standing funeral wreaths are also available in different sizes such as 1-tier, 2-tier or 3-tier arrangements.

Flower Box Condolences

Sympathy flowers are arranged into a flower box design, making them suitable to be put on display for viewing. The box-like shape makes it stable when placed.

Coffin top/Cross

Funeral coffin top/cross arrangements are similar to wreaths, just that they are shaped into a cross. These arrangements are either sent on a stand, or placed on top of the casket. These wreaths are usually sent only by the immediate family of the deceased.

Condolence Basket

Condolence baskets are also mainly sent to a funeral service for wake viewing. Condolence baskets are suitable to be sent from friends and acquaintances of the deceased. They also come in several shapes and sizes, and are very customizable according to the sender.