A Quick Guide To Graduation Flowers

Graduating is likely to be smacked in between the highlight reel of their lives for most people out there. It takes immense work, patience and time for someone to finally graduate and step out into the world to begin a brand new chapter in their lives. And when the moment presents itself, you most certainly want to let them know just how much you value their achievements.


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Best Flowers for Graduations

1. Gerberas

Also known as gerbera daisies, these are some of the most commonly found flowers in any arrangement due to their variety of colours. Symbolizing happiness, hope and positivity, gerberas are always associated with joyfulness. In addition due to their variety, gerberas are also easily incorporated in to any bouquets or arrangements. Gifting someone that is graduating with such sweet flowers is always going to be a great idea!


2. Lilies

A fun fact, the lily is in fact the fourth most popular flower in the world. The Peruvian Lily is commonly found in many different floral arrangements and it is not hard to see why. Symbolizing friendship and devotion, it is definitely the perfect graduation gift. In addition, the Pink Stargazer promises health and prosperity, ideal for someone that is going to kick off their career soon.


3. Roses

A perfect gift for your spouse or loved one, you can always depend on the faithful rose. Synonymous with love and devotion, your loved ones will be able to feel your thoughts and message. While red roses usually carry connotations of romance, yellow ones imply happiness and best wishes.


*Bonus recommendation: Vegetable Hand Bouquet

With it gaining popularity due to viral social media posting, vegetable hand bouquets are seen occasionally at graduations. They are a quirky and fun alternative to typical flower bouquets. Gift your friend or a loved one something that will surprise them and also stand out from the rest of the crowd.


No matter what you may be looking for, you’re sure to find something just right for your loved one’s graduation. It goes without saying that gifting graduation flowers is a truly special moment for the recipient. It gives them the sense of being congratulated in a special, loving way.