Tips to Choose the Right Condolences Flowers for a Funeral


A funeral is one of the most significant events for those who are left behind to have a happy memory of their friend and family member. You’re in the right place if you aren’t sure what kind of flowers for funerals or condolence flower stands to choose in KL for your condolence ceremony. Read on to learn about how to choose the right flowers suited for funerals.

What colour did the deceased person like?

When choosing a colour for a condolence flower stand or funeral, think about what the deceased person would have preferred. Sympathy flowers are typically white, yellow, or orange in colour. Hydrangea flowers are brightly coloured flowers that represent tranquillity and peace. Sunflowers are well-known for their beauty and ability to bring joy to those who receive them at a funeral. You can select a colour based on what the deceased person preferred and put it into a condolence flower stand.

How about a religious person deceased?

For a Christian funeral, consider using funeral cross flowers as part of your arrangement. These flowers symbolise Christ at the funeral service. Flowers and foliage are formed into the shape of a cross and put on a metal easel. Funeral cross flower arrangements are the perfect choice for Christian funerals.

During a time of grief, condolence flowers are one way to show respect for the loss. If you’re wondering what to send, you can contact us for assistance. You might also think that it is unnecessary, but your floral tribute will make an impact when you see the family and friends who are grieving the loss appreciate it. To order your flowers, click here to contact us for your arrangements now.